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Utility & Attribute

Good to know: We developed AVAT with community benefit and future value in mind, with features that make it worth holding even if IDO is not your portfolio strategy. Learn how you could capture value through earning yields, AVAX, or even monetizing your allocation — without ever being involved in any IDO at all. All you need to do is plan your strategy right! you may need to swipe left to read the table below if you are on a mobile
  • To generate passive income & earn guaranteed IDO allocation at the same time in the SuperPool learn more
  • To generate passive income in AVAX Pool learn more
  • Governance
  • Deflationary via buyback-and-burn from the staking fees.
  • Deflationary via buyback-and-burn after every IDO.
  • Scarce as the Community Reward distributes on a decaying emission model, reducing the amount of AVAT emitted per second every month.
  • AVAT & AVAT LP token holders can lease out their tokens through AVATALEASE.