Meet The Team
Hello, world!
ZBG, founder A former market researcher and analyst for the consumer industry.
Roman V, CTO A lead blockchain and software developer for eight years.
Alibek Stlegion, analyst Meticulous and has always went the extra mile on his work.
Kir & Kate, PM They spent the most time aligning the vision with the rest of the team members.
Lyuba, designer The creative mind behind the UI/UX.
The "@" is their telegram handle, and not Twitter. Cenk, CMO @CenktheKing
ST Kerem @solanatracker
Y @MrYyd
Anydeath @Anydeath
BG @dasbeng
JJ @ajjo10
The "@" is their telegram handle, and not Twitter.
Primkz, CM @Shm_sss ChefMan, CM @fraxita Professor x La, CM @rash_shab
Priist, ambassador @priist
Sameer, ambassador @Malikbahi78607
Blackk, ambassador @blakk00
REMINDER: Our team will NEVER PM you on telegram, even if you requested them to do so. Any PMs received claiming to be from any of us SHALL BE IGNORED!
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