Good to know: The first project to roll out via AVATALAUNCH is the AVATA Network, and the allocation is 100% via the ACO method. You can learn more about how to participate here.
There are two ways to obtain IDO allocation on AVATALAUNCH: the guaranteed method — or the lottery method. The lottery method happens through an event known as ACO, where the winners will be whitelisted and given allocation. The following explains:
AVATAN CHANCE OFFERING — also known as ACO — is a new concept in the launchpad industry.

The Aims Are:

  • to maximize the bond between AVATA Network and its community.
  • to capitalize on the market that was usually left out (non-staking community members) by implementing a process that results in a win-win situation between AVATA Network, IDO participants & launched projects.
  • to provide chances for the guaranteed-allocation member to earn extra allocation.

Comparison Between Guaranteed IDO Allocation & ACO

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What is ACO?

It is a lottery event that allows the public to obtain IDO allocation without going through the SuperPool. Every upcoming IDO will also have its own ACO round.

Who Can Participate?

It is open to everyone regardless of their AVAT holding status.

Doesn’t This Risk AVAT’s Market Position?

No, it does not since ACO allocation is limited — and WOULD NOT affect AVAT’s market position. Moreover:
  • Although not required to stake in the SuperPool, ACO participants must contribute value to the AVATA ecosystem by performing a series of market-awareness tasks before every IDO.
  • A lottery system performed by the smart contract will then pick winners randomly.
  • Finally, ACO would not only help to increase the community strength before every IDO — but also spur every IDO campaign!