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What Do We Solve?

The following are the long-overdue problems in the launchpad & Defi industry — and how our novelty approach and innovation improvise such deficiencies and boosts token potentials:
Problem 1
Problem 2
Problem 3
Problem 4
Problem 5
The common token utility is only for IDO allocation without other rewards, thus removing and limiting the token potentials.
Our Solution: SuperPool is a single-sided staking pool that does not require staker to provide liquidity yet grants them a double-reward that increase their AVAT holding and secures guaranteed IDO allocation at the same time. The rewards are:
  • AVAT — yield
  • iAVAT — ticket for guaranteed IDO allocation
Good to know: Before every IDO, SuperPool will automatically generate iAVAT and assigns stakers allocation accordingly. Their staked AVAT remains unaffected and continue to earn the rewards as usual. Moreover, the longer they staked and compounded — the better their position in the pool would be!
The tier system is based solely on token amounts leaving no room for the small-amount stakers to compete with bigger-amount stakers economically.
Our Solution: In our tier & multiplier system, the lower-amount stakers stand a chance to earn as much iAVAT as those who staked higher amounts — provided they are willing to commit to the longer-maturity period. This strategy is double-edged since it helps the small token holders to earn more and directly supports the big token holders by temporarily removing AVAT from circulation — at the same time!
Good to know: This is a double-edged mechanism that helps the lower-amount stakers to earn more IDO allocation — while at the same time directly supporting the bigger-amount holders by temporarily removing AVAT from circulation!
The obtained IDO allocation comes as a fixed use-or-burn without any flexibility — although high commitment is required to earn them.
Our Solution: Our NFT Allocation mechanism allows our community to utilize or monetize their obtained IDO allocation the way they see fit! Once earned, the IDO allocation is rightfully theirs, therefore like any other economic commodities — they should have the flexibility of utilizing them — or offering the opportunity to others based on a mutually agreed price.
Good to know: They can decide to fully or partially NFT-ing their allocation and sell it to the public through our platform.
Most launchpad has no post-IDO support for launched projects and their communities, leaving developers to deal with 3rd party platforms if they wish to run reward programs for their community as soon as they enter the market.
Our Solution: As a comprehensive Defi platform, we provide solutions that allow developers to utilize our pool to reward their community on a custom basis. It simultaneously helps them focus more of their resources and time towards development.
Defi products commonly share the same traits, lack of innovations and creativity. It caused the Defi market to concentrate only on the highly affluent or selected few communities.
Our Solution: Our AMM DEX and lending protocol will focus on market-fit products, with each having its respective innovations set to evolve with market demand.
Good to know: Kindly check on the "Become A Partner" tab. We may have something useful for your community.

In Summary, We Offer The Opportunities:

  • For everyone — including the small players — to earn passive income across our ecosystem via SuperPool, AVAX Pool, LP mining pools and the lending pools — and execute their strategy the way they see fit!
  • For projects that roll out through our launchpad to begin rewarding their community as early as their token listing!
  • For Avalanche or cross-chain projects to utilize our platform on a mutually-beneficial collaboration that helps push them to a new front.