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About Us

AVATA Network is a comprehensive Defi platform that integrates launchpad, AMM DEX & lending protocol known as:
Our primary focus is to empower the Avalanche ecosystem by providing:
  • necessary grounds for start-ups to raise funds, build projects & launch successfully.
  • innovative & competitive defi platform for Avalanche communities and projects.

Our Vision

To be recognized for the innovation, contribution and values offered in promoting the growth of the Avalanche ecosystem.

Core Values

for the community
for partnered projects
  • We offer a novelty launch mechanism that gives everyone a fair chance according to their commitment and ensures only high-value investment opportunities through our launchpad.
  • We will continuously explore innovations that allow our community to capture more value.
  • We uphold transparent and reliable practices in managing the project and believed in the community-first principle and focused on maximizing their benefits.
  • We leave no-spare in pushing our partnered projects forward, from professional technical support, market-entry strategy and valuable network connections.
  • We enable projects to be launched in the Avalanche ecosystem at minimal cost while helping them allocate more resources for development.
  • We promote organic community growth for projects through our native concept and platform-tools known as ACO — designed for impactful community engagement.


The following is our litepaper.